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Leather Care

Our pieces are handmade, respecting the nature of the material, its history and its perfect imperfections. Like all materials of natural origin, with use, you may notice some changes in colour or wear, but this is why each CAI&KI piece is truly unique.

Our garments should not be machine washed.
In case of stains, follow these steps:

Nappa leather

Mix a little bit of water with neutral soap and, with the help of a cloth, rub the solution on the stain and let it air dry.

Peccary leather or suede:

1. With a soft bristled brush or a proper suede cleaning kit, rub gently to remove the dirt from the surface;
2. Use a clean cloth dampened with a little bit of liquid soap and rub the stain gently;
3. Remove all excess product with a clean cloth and leave to dry.