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This website is operated by CAI&KI, a trademark of Adagio Campestre Lda, with tax ID number 517220920, and headquartered in Lisbon.

CAI&KI brand takes full responsibility and commitment to respect the security of this website and to protect the data provided by its customers and visitors.

CAI&KI, as the data controller:

  • Safeguards that the processing of all personal data is carried out only within the scope of the purposes for which they are collected or for reasons compatible with those purposes;
  • Collects, uses and retains only the minimum, necessary and sufficient personal data for the purpose in question;
  • Does not transmit any personal data for commercial or advertising purposes;
  • Treats personal data for legally prescribed purposes or for the pursuit of online services at your request;
  • By providing your personal data to CAI&KI via the website, you consent to your personal data being used and processed by CAI&KI under the terms and conditions mentioned below.

General Conditions of Sale

The order and purchasing process is only possible after creating a customer account or guest form session on the online store, and the customer must follow the various sequential steps of the order process that will allow the purchase to be registered.

Payment Methods

On completion of the order, the purchase will be recorded and if the payment method selected is MBWAY or ATM, there will be a set time limit for the payment of the order to be completed. After that time limit, if there is no confirmation of payment, the order will be cancelled. Some payment methods allow the recording of the data necessary to perform the payment transaction – namely PayPal and Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa). However, no personal data will be stored in this context, so the management of said data should be performed directly with the provider of the respective service.

Credit Card

Paying by credit card allows you to take advantage of the liquidity and payment terms your bank offers.

All transactions on our website are secure, and we emphasize once again that no data associated with the card will be stored, beyond its identification of the last four digits. 


Multibanco payments can be made through the Portuguese ATM network or through your Homebanking.

As soon as the order process is completed, an ATM reference will be generated. The customer will receive this reference in the order confirmation email. To make the payment at an ATM, you must select the option “Payment of Services/Purchases”; and enter the corresponding entity, reference and amount.

The order will typically be shipped within the next two business days after the order is paid.

Warning: since the bank reference generated for payment has a limited validity, failure to verify payment within such a period will result in the cancellation of the order.

MB Way

Customers may proceed to pay for their orders via the MB WAY payment system. For this purpose, customers should select the MB WAY payment method during the order process and provide the mobile number associated with the MB WAY payment system, access their MB WAY application and follow the steps in the application to complete the payment. In the case that customers are unable to complete the process in the specified 5 minute time frame, please contact our customer service team for assistance.